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Post Malone’s Home is Where the Rural Life is

Post Malone’s Home is Where the Rural Life is [ARTICLE]

You’d expect a celebrity such as Post Malone to live like a king, with a lavish mansion tucked in L.A.’s Beverly Hills or Malibu to retreat to after a day of recording in the studio or performing for thousands of screaming fans. 

But Post Malone is not your typical celebrity.  His rise to fame is a unique story of passion and humility fusing together. It is no surprise then that Post Malone does not live the average celebrity fairy tale life. Just as in so many other instances, he seems to reject the stereotypes and expectations that come with the sort of fame he has received and consciously chooses to live differently.

With this in mind, it does lead us to ask this question.  Where does Post Malone live?

The answer is not straightforward, as is the typical case when trying to figure anything out about this abnormal celebrity!  We will walk you through how Post Malone has chosen to live a rural life out in the countryside of Utah and why he loves it so much out there. 

1. Humble beginnings

Post Malone was born in Syracuse, New York in 1995. He was born into a middle-class family where for the early part of his life, his father Austin Post pursued his passion as a DJ. But Austin eventually traded in that dream to become a concessions manager for the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously, this meant that the Post family moved out to Grapevine Texas. It was there that Post Malone became accustomed to the charm of a simple and rural lifestyle that this great Southern state provides its residents with. 

2. Moving to the bright lights of L.A.

After high school, Post Malone decided that he wanted to pursue his musical passions. He and his friend Jason Probst moved out to Los Angeles, where they shared and apartment and he spent his days recording music for SoundCloud and Spotify. Not long after, Post Malone started making quite a name for himself on these platforms and eventually received invitations to collaborate with musical superstars such as Justin Bieber and 21 Savage. After a few years in the bright lights of L.A., he signed with Republic Records and released three albums under them. During this time he made San Fernando Valley his home base, which made sense as it had easy access to the recording studio and other obligations as a recording artist. Unfortunately, in 2018 his house was broken into and robbed, which forced Post Malone to realize that maybe the bright lights of L.A. were not for him.



3. Retreating to the mountains

The robbery incident made Post Malone reflect on the fact that he actually felt quite lonely and empty in Los Angeles. He made the bold move to retreat to Utah, where he purchased a $3 million dollar home in Cottonwood Heights. While a $3 million dollar pad is nothing to scoff at, considering his net worth, it is a modest decision on his part. But that is not without saying that the home he lives in now does not come without its perks! It is a mansion after all! Post Malone’s home is a 12,000 foot abode that sits on a 7 acre property. The home has five bedrooms with en-suites and panoramic views of Utah’s mountains.  In addition to his home, there is a guest house that comes with a basketball court and 30 bunkbeds for his friends to crash in when they come over. He is currently also working on installing his own recording studio in his home. 

One can only imagine the type of banger tracks Post Malone will drop with a new source of inspiration surrounding him. He already found success in a city that left him feeling empty. So imagine what he will create in an environment that inspires him!


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